Savlinks USB AOC cables and optical USB cables.

Savlink is famous for supplying different kinds of cables. Some of Savlinks best products are optical USB cables and USB AOC cables, we also supply USB c 3.1 types. The purpose of using an optical USB cable is to transfer data from a computer or any USB-compatible device. And savlinks USB AOC cables are doing it properly.

Savlink’s optical USB cables have many things in common. They come with self-detection technology so there is no need for any driver just plug and play. Some of our optical USB cables are also backward compatible which allows using it in older devices.

These USB AOC cables and USB c 3.1 types can be used in printers, scanners,  computers, game controllers, webcams, audio speakers, and many more.  All of the cable lengths are generally up to 100m and we also provide customized lengths.

Savlinks USB c 3.1 type cables have world-class quality. The good thing about the USB c 3.1 type is they are faster than other optical USB cables. It transfers more data in less time and the connectivity is better.

There are many USB AOC cables from Savlink. They can transmit signals between USB 3.0 devices. There are also male-to-male cables that have the same USB connector on both sides. Our USB cables are compatible with all major operating systems such as windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

We have USB 3.0 to micro b type cables which are called Hybrids cables. Hybrid cables are made for a fast transfer rate and better connectivity. This kind of optical USB cable is best for use in commercial purposes such as security cameras.

We have variety in our inventory, the  90-degree USB c 3.1 cable is also available. The advantage of using this variant is it is perfect for rural situations and it can easily fit in VR cameras.

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