Case 1

Military / Aerospace Command Center 

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In modern command and control centers, a large amount of data is aggregated here, as well as the need for commanders to command and dispatch units in real time, which are inseparable from the control and processing of big data.Smartavlink photoelectric conversion products can provide reliable transmission of video and data, with the following advantages: fast real-time (light speed transmission), large data transmission (5G 10G 100G, etc.), confidential information leakage prevention

Case 2

Military equipment

In some military equipment, such as ships, tanks, aircraft, etc. need special accessories / wire, Smartavlink according to some special scenarios to do special treatment of wire & module to meet the oil and pressure resistance, bending resistance, high and low temperature resistance and so on different applications and needs

Case 3

Medical Imaging Equipment – Operating Room

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In modern medical surgery, a large number of high-resolution screens and cameras are used, which require long-distance signal transmission between devices and have extremely demanding EMI requirements to avoid electromagnetic interference between devices; Smartavlin optical fiber HDMI/USB/DP products perfectly solve the problem of long-distance, anti-EMI interference

Case 4


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VR and AR applications after 10 years of development, has been widely used in consumer, as well as a variety of professional training, such as Airbus Airbus use VR to teach training global pilots, greatly improving efficiency, saving money and costs; AR equipment requires wire lightweight, long distance, ultra-high refresh rate, reliable performance, and fiber optic class solutions, according to the specific application Custom development of specialized products to meet such applications.

Case 5

 Video Conferencing

Not every meeting can be in person, modern conference set video sound recording in one; widely used in various scenarios such as government, military, enterprises; quality video conferencing requires good quality cameras, as well as safe and reliable transmission system, the size of the conference room needs to be more need for different lengths of transmission, Smartavlink can customize different wires according to different application scenarios, so as to meet the needs of various levels of meetings

Case 6

 Outdoor Video Transmission

In many large outdoor activities, the level of transmission requirements far beyond the indoor, audio and video data transmission requirements of low temperature and high temperature resistance, resistance to pressure, and even anti-rat and squirrel bite, etc.; Smartavlink according to such application scenarios developed outdoor armored installed photoelectric hybrid fiber, to solve the above problems; at the same time can support real-time long-distance transmission, so as to ensure a variety of large outdoor activities held successfully, such as: concerts, television broadcast hall, the national paradeparade, etc.

Case 7

Car System

Today, car is not only a tool for transportation, but also a part of your life. No matter traditional fuel car, new energy vehicle, or future  self-driving car, cars combine a variety of sensors to perceive their surroundings, such as thermographic cameras, radar, lidar, sonar, GPS, odometry and inertial measurement units, entertainment systems. AOC is well solution to provide long distance and huge bandwidth channel for cars. Smartavlink’s USB/HDMI AOC provide video & data & Audio and long distance for the whole system.

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