DP 2.0 AOC

Smartavlink is a world-renowned provider of optical-electrical solutions. Since 2003, we have been developing and supplying a wide range of active fiber optic cables and related fiber optic engines, such as the best quality Displayport 2.0 cables.

The purpose of a Displayport cable is to transmit video and audio signals from a source to an output device. Output display devices like monitors, projectors, Television, electrical boards, etc. These cables are generally used in important electronic devices like CCTV cameras, stadium security systems, street electronic boards, etc.

These DP 2.0 cables have a self-detection system. You do not have to install any software for using these Displayport 2.0 cables. The cable length is 100m and there is also a customized length available. Despite being a longer cable, the connection is stable.

Displayport 2.0 cable can provide 8K@60Hz and 4K@144Hz resolution. With this resolution, the picture quality is crystal clear and there is no chance of buffering. This DP 2.0 cable can go up to 10 Gbps per channel and with a total of 4 channels, it can reach 40Gbps. It can decide your screen’s preferable resolution using the self-detection system.

This wire is made with high-quality hybrid optical fiber and copper. It ensures the connectivity and strength of the Displayport 2.0 cable. The best thing about this hybrid DP 2.0 cable is it supports DP2.0 UHBR10. There is no need for any power supply, it can run perfectly with the source power.

This DP 2.0 cable is compatible with any kind of computer with a DP interface. Along with that, it has LowerEMI  EMC for strict applications. No wonder why smartavlink is one of the best Displayport 2.0 cable suppliers in the market.

We have highly qualified experts to check the product’s quality.  Our expert team uses a strict BER (Bit Error Rate) system. They are certified by many renowned organizations and that is why our DP 2.0 cables have the best quality.

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