90° Type C-C 3.1 Active Optical Cable backward compatible

90° Type C-C 3.1 Active Optical Cable backward compatible

SCRA-3120 Smartavlink USB 3.1 Type C AOC is the first Gen2 active optical cable with 90 degree right angle in the market , easy use in the VR and camera ..etc.. Super speed data transmission depending on optical fiber , not only its support length become much longer up to 15m max, but also signal quality is much more stable , no EMI completely, can support 10Gbps super speed , meets USB3.1 standard, especially can downward compatible with USB 2.0/1.1 .It is a mature & competitive solution in the high speed date transmission market.



◆ Meet USB 3.1 Gen2 Standard , bandwidth can reach to 10Gbps super speed;
◆ Uncompressed signal and the image quality is not distorted;
◆ Hybrid copper and fiber cable, anti-interference, no radiation, strong resistance to EMI;
◆ Standard USB Type C interface;
◆ 850nm VCSEL and PIN photodetector;
◆ Plug and play, support hot plug;
◆ Cable OD less than Φ4.5 mm, lighter application;
◆ No external power supply required;
◆ Support 5V 1.5A power maximum to the remote device;
◆ Applicable length: 0.2-15 meters, support other distance customization.

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