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How Long HDMI Cable Can go?

date:On December 18, 2017  

How Long HDMI Cable can go?

HDMI cable is the main stream of the audio and video transmission solutions, but many people do not know how long the cable can support, what is the best transmission distance, how many meters? How to choose the length of the HDMI cable in their installation?


HDMI Cable is the main transmission of digital signals in the market, the quality of HDMI cable is uneven, a lot of HDMI cable in the transmission distance of more than 10 meters, the attenuation is more serious, many signal loss . But HDMI cable we bought must be suitable for their length, not too long, otherwise its bad transmission. This depends on what source device, such as: the use of the previous 480P/720P DVD, it's low bit rate, so HDMI cable can be put 35 meters no problem. However, with advances in technology, equipment bit rate is getting higher and higher, HDMI Cable will be shorter and shorter.

But do not worry this point now, HDMI cable has been introduced a new technology today, use optical fiber as the high-frequency signal transmission media, the length is more customization, can reach 30m 50m 100m even more than 300 meters at 18Gbps without any signal lose, still can do 4K@60Hz, more and more customer & end-installer can try this new solution.

Smartavlink focus on long distance HDMI Cable R&D and manufacturing, provide OEM/ODM service , smartavlink focus on HDMI cable, DVI cable, DP cable, USB cable, all this cable are using fiber for high-frequency signal tranmsssiion, these cable can go 100m length without any signal lose.

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