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4k HDMI Splitter 2.0

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The 2.0 version HDMI Splitter use a single HDMI source,accessing to multiple HDMI sinks. It allows one HDMI devices to be split easily to eight HDMI compatible monitors or projectors. In addition, it can be placed at the end of a long HDMI cable to regenerate the HDMI signal. The resolution of this HDMI splitter can be up to 3840X2160/60HZ.


1. 4K HDMI Splitter2.0 1x2


2. 4K HDMI Splitter2.0 1x4


3. 4K HDMI Splitter2.0 1x8


Key Features:

    u Support HDMI2.0 version / HDCP2.2

    u Support  3D video format

    u Support high resolution up to 3840X2160/60HZ

    u Support highest rate of 6 G and TMDS clock can be up to 600 MHz

    u Support  8/10/12 bit deep color

    u Support AWG26 HDMI standard cable:

                -when the resolution is 1080p and below, input up to 8 meters,0up to 8 meters.

                -when the resolution is 4K, input up to 8 meters, output up to 8 meters.

    u Support one single HDMI sourceaccessing to multiple HDMI sinks, the source can be DVD  player, A/V receiver, set top box and ect.

    u 5V/3A power adapter

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