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What is HDMI AOC

1What is HDMI AOC


     HDMI AOCActive Optical Cable

     HDMI AOC is a kind of cable that can instead of copper cable,

              and the port can used directionly as copper HDMI cable

2Electronic-Fiber, Fiber-Electronic

3Advantage0 resistance  à 0 signal loss

    -- Long distance, max 100m

    -- High brandth, 18Gbpx Max

    -- Easy Installation, plug in plug out, no need external power supply

    -- NO EMI interuptance

4. HDMI AOC Version:

   HDMI 1.3v  AOC support 1080p@60Hz

   HDMI 1.4v  AOC support 4K@30Hz

   HDMI 2.0v  AOC support 4K@60Hz

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