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What is DVI Fiber Extender Extender?

What is DVI Fiber Extender?

So many people do not now what is DVI Fiber Extender, and why need fiber solution for DVI extender.

Today we take time to review what is DVI Fiber Extender, the difference of DVI Extender over fiber and DVI Extendre over CAT6.

DVI fiber extender, including DVI fiber extender transmitter and DVI fiber Extender Receiver.

DVI Fiber Extender Concept:

Existing marketing, there are 3 ways to transmit high resolution videos, copper HDMI cable, twisted CAT5e/CAT6 cable, coaxial cable, now we introduce the advantage and shortage of these cable at long distance transmission.

No matter what kind of cable, it is used as a conductor for transmit signals. and different cable has different application, existing solution for AV transmission is copper HDMI cable, twisted CAT5e/CAT6 cable, coaxial cable and fiber.

DVI extender is used for sending DVI signal to longer distance, nowadays , 4K display screen is worldwide used, end user also need high quality pictures request, 4K source, display, and middle treatment device, manufacturers conquered the technical issues one by one, present a series of 4K products. Under such a circumstance, how to make the signal more stable at transmission process, manufacturers also do kinds of way. Normally at engineer installation video source signal treatment device and display screens do not at same place and the distance is longer, installer can not use copper DVI/HDMI cable connect it directly, and even more, many installer do not use DVI/HDMI cable to connect when the distance is more than 10m, for make sure the signal more stable.

So, many manufacturers provide kinds of extenders for long distance video transmission, such as HDBASET technology, HDMI Extender over CAT5e/CAT6, SDI over fiber, and Smartavlink present kinds of fiber series solutions , including: USB extender over fiber, HDMI extender over fiber, DVI extender over fiber, USB extender over fiber, support 4K@30Hz, reach 300m 10Km 20Km even 60Km.

Construction of DVI fiber extender

DVI fiber extender, including DVI fiber extender transmitter and DVI fiber Extender Receiver, and 2 power adaptor:

1.Compared with traditional CAT5e/CAT6 DVI extender and HDMI extender

a.Without signal loss,

b.Good at kinds of worse electronic circumstance application, no EMI  

(1)small Attenuation,Strong anti-interference,High stability,In particular, changes in the external environment is not damaged signal:

We often in the subway station, roadside advertising screen, you can see the bus Huaping, broken screen, splash screen and other phenomena are unstable signal transmission, causing damage.

(2)Price is competitive,it is easy to install and maintenance costs is lower.

The price is same of DVI Fiber Optic Extender module with DVI / HDMI long transmitter,fiber price is same with twisted pair price .When the cost is equivalent,it  can greatly enhance the transmission performance,at the same time ,it can reduce maintenance and repair cost because of high stability.

(3) Fiber optic transmission is the development trend, improve the standard installation of the display system, increasing the winning bid for the project.

2.Compared with DVI / HDMI Optical

(1)Transmission performance is identical,but lack of RS232 control design:

Both of design principles and transmission performance is identical,Optical is  optical interface module part independent plug or soldered to the circuit,The DVI Fiber Optic Extender module is that part of the optical interface module integrated directly on the circuit, so it is more compact and convenient.

   (2)Price has an absolute advantage

3.Itself  has a DVI-D interface with LC optical interface, in order to facilitate post-maintenance, in actual use,display terminal or intermediate processing apparatus or a video source use a DVI to HDMI adapter to connect the head module, which can reduce each interface plug damage.So It does not have the HDMI interface design.


   1. Meet DVI1.0 standards, support the highest video bandwidth: 1.65Gbps

2. Resolution: Supports up to WUXGA (1920X1200 @ 60Hz)

3. Transmission distance: 15KM

4. Video Interface DVI-D 18 + 1 pin, optical interface: 2 X LC

5. The type of external fiber : single-mode fiber

Optical transmission wavelength: single mode 1310nm / 1550nm VCSEL

   6. Working temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 70 ℃

Storage temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

7. Dimensions: 64mm x 42mm x16mm

8. The signal transmitter transmitting power: -5 ~ 0dBm

Signal receiver receiving sensitivity: Better than -18dBm


   1. Turn on the monitor.

   2. Connected  DVI Fiber Optic Transmitters TX to the monitor.

   3. The external + 5V power supply adapter is added to DVI Fiber Optic Transmitters  TX on.

  4. Using a needle inserted into hole EDID read, click the button, wait two seconds, you can see the blue LED lights from 5 to 8 seconds, indicating EDID literacy success, otherwise, EDID read fails.

  5. Unplug external + 5V power adapter.

  6. Unplug DVI Fiber Optic Transmitters TX, connected to a signal source, such as a PC and so on.

  7. Connected the DVI fiber optic receivers RX to the monitor, and connect the external + 5V power adapter.

8. LC fiber ports connected one to one and restart the system, it can work properly.

The advantage of long-distance signal transmission optical fiber extender transmission medium:

  1.Hardly any fiber attenuation, just only lc or sc head itself have slightly attenuated, but this does not affect distances, and usually it is completely ignored less than 20dB,.

  2.Strong anti-interference, zero substitution rate, regardless of how complex the optical fiber around the disc around the strong power, transmission speed is always consistent. In addition, the probability of transmission substitution phenomenon is almost zero, when testing multimode jumpers as 200 finished trunk, telecommunications software at full machine is not measured out.

  3, long life, high compatibility, the market in general optical fiber can be used for 10 years or even longer, this copper cable can not be compared. and the high compatibility, high-speed fiber optic network upgrade in the future, whether it is 1 trillion or even 10 trillion future Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, any one of the jumpers are common, there are not as Category 5 copper cable as 6 class or even 10 categories, there will be no out of the question.

  4, Having advantages in cost , according to the market, 20 per side general optical fiber , 2 yuan / m basis, the cost is not high, and have absolute advantages compare with   high quality Category 6 cable .

Optical fiber transmission to solve long distance or long distance (tens of kilometers) of DVI signal transmission,and it is lossless transmission,which makes extremely difficult to solve the problem in the past projects have a  reasonable solution , greatly expanded the scope of application,makes such as airports, railway stations, sports centers, shopping malls, highways and other large occasions of DVI signal transmission can be realized;In many special occasions, such as electromagnetic environment is very good occasions, such as warships, substation, power station and so on.The anti interference characteristics of the optical fiber transmission can be fully played, expend the scope of the application of DVI signal transmission.